STUDIO rené alba glocal solutions for career & hr staffing projects in lifestyle industry MILANO AREA OF EXPERTISE                                                                                              back Before of all it is a personal and organizational growth, work mobility, professional satisfaction or  discomfort, therefore the area of expertise is the relationship person-job-organization.  Since 2007 Studio René Alba provides support and help for identifing and integrating new  managerial skills creating the best possible match between organizational needs for staffing and  managers by head hunting metodology in fashion, luxury, design and lifestyle sectors at  international level.  After a placement a good fit between worker and organization has to be costantly guaranted,  monitored and minded to avoid the conflicts inevitably developed in work place.  Studio René Alba provides professional supervisions for persons and/or work groups in a  perspective of “maintenance of work relationships” inside organization containers to get efficent  the relational dynamics and productive tasks.  Moreover with companies, Studio René Alba gives support and consultancy (clinical and  psychological too) to professionals which wish to set up again the own careers way and coping  with work situations where would be useful a consultancy with a specialist.