STUDIO rené alba glocal solutions for career & hr staffing projects in lifestyle industry MILANO BESPOKE HEAD HUNTING                                                                                      back Since 2007 Studio René Alba provides head hunting services for recruitment and organizational  development projects exclusively to companies that work in lifestyle industry.  The focus on specific target market permits to offer excellent solutions thanks to awareness of  the organizational logics, motivations, brand identity and membership dynamics that influence  work mobility and careers of professionals which work in fashion, luxury goods, design,  cosmetics area.                                                                                                                                     THE BEST RECRUITING IN FASHION & LUXURY                     The office collaborates for projects like rebranding, store opening, start up, relocation, growth  strategies, brand launch at worldwide level, proposing creative and innovative placement  solutions by exclusive and confidential approach that is able to give precise responses for  modern human resources management. Studio René Alba is specialized in the following fuction areas:                                         RETAIL                                     CORPORATE                                STYLE & PRODUCT                                    PRODUCTION  There is a specific expertise in project management for recruitment for store manager job at  worldwide level. Studio René Alba has matured one of the best network of managers in fashion and luxury  industry available in the market at today.  For every selection project it’s defined an action plan ad hoc of international level and each  selection project is concepted like an organizational process. _____________________________________ HH ______________________________________